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We sell Imperial Coins that can be used in games to make purchases for items from in game auctions and used to trade at stalls.


Make the most of your quests in the fantasy land of Tyria and use in-game currency Gold to buy special items.


Increase your chances of being the last one standing in Fortnite by using V-Bucks to enhance your performance as you battle it out with as many as 100 other players.

Fallout 76

Use in-game currency Bottlecaps to help you on your journey across the wasteland.

Elder Scrolls

Use ESO Gold which you can buy and sell with us and exchange it for special skills and tricks such as increasing your gameplay, buying new costumes or even a new home for your character.

DC Universe

Become immersed in the world of your favourite superheroes and villains and use cash or tokens which you can buy and sell with us to buy special in-game items.

AION Online

Prepare to battle in the fantasy world of Aion and use Kinah to create an individual and special look for your avatar.

Lord of The Rings

Buy and sell LOTRO Gold with us and head to the Middle Earth auction house and buy special items such as weapons and armour.


We sell TERA Gold which you can exchange for outfits and special items to help you in your quest.

Star Wars

Buy and exchange SWTOR Credits and use them to unlock special game features including new planets, armour, weapons and special fighting skills.

World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft Gold can be used to extend play time or even a character’s life. Buy and spend your World of Warcraft Gold with us before you start on your next quest.

Rocket League

Buy and sell genuine Rocket League Credits and purchase special Rocket League items or upgrade your Rocket pass.


Easy as 1,2,3


When you join Gold 4 Games Now you can buy and sell in-game gold and tokens for the world’s most popular MMORPGs.


Select Game

Browse through our games and select the one you want to buy gold for.


Choose Amount

Choose one of our pre set amounts or enter your own amount you’d like to buy.


Get Your Gold

Pay for your gold and then we will deliver to your account.


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